28 July 2023

Releasing CBTea, a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Journal

I recently released my first side project in years.

CBTea is a privacy-first tool for doing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) automatic negative thought records.

The idea here is that you:

  1. Record a negative thought
  2. Categorize it into a few common cognitive distortions
  3. Come up with some “challenges” to push back on the automatic thought
  4. See if you can find a new way of thinking about the situation that’s more healthy/accurate

The app is based on an old open-source mobile app called Quirk CBT, which was amazing in its day… and then they took VC funding and had to try to turn it into a business. 😭

I have big plans for the future… I’d like to add end-to-end encryption, support for using it without creating an account at all, offline support, and so on. The GitHub issue tracker has the world’s most basic roadmap.