Git Cheat Sheet

These are a few of the Git commands I find myself looking up all the time. (Feel free to drop your own suggestions in the comments!)

  • Show the staged changes:
    $ git diff --cached

    Also aliased as:

    $ git diff --staged
  • Find the most recent common ancestor of two Git branches:
    $ git merge-base [branch1] [branch2]
  • Find which branch a commit was originally created on:
    $ git reflog show --all | grep [commit SHA]
  • Find all branches that a commit is on (or that a branch has been merged into):
    $ git branch -a --contains [commit SHA or branch name]
  • Get the diff between two branches:
    $ git diff [branch1]..[branch2]
  • Undo/remove a Git commit that has not been pushed (scary fine print):
    $ git reset --hard HEAD^


  • Extracting a Git subdirectory into its own submodule

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