How (and Why) to Ask for a Raise

A family member asked me for my thoughts on asking for a raise, and after a handful of massive text messages, I decided I should probably just write a blog post. Before I get into it, one disclaimer: My working experience is entirely confined to small businesses. If you work for a megacorp, for instance, salary discussions probably look … Continue reading How (and Why) to Ask for a Raise

“Invention is Drudgery”

As a guy who's spent the last 18 months working on a particular drudgery, with another 6 months to go, this really resonated with me. What looks from the outside like a flashy, amazing outcome was probably the results of long, mostly boring toil. (So take heart, ye who toil long on important-yet-maybe-boring work!) Read … Continue reading “Invention is Drudgery”