Review of After Virtue

After Virtue was one of the most challenging things I've read in awhile, both intellectually and emotionally. I'm coming to it from the perspective of someone who was more or less sold on utilitarianism (or some form of consequentialism at least), having had very little contact with virtue ethics previously. Since I assume most people … Continue reading Review of After Virtue

Notes on After Virtue

These are my (extremely lengthy) notes on Alastair MacIntyre's After Virtue. This book is credited with reinvigorating the discussion of virtue ethics in the modern context—a branch of ethics that has been more or less ignored since Aquinas. My own thoughts on the book are here. (As much as possible, I've avoided editorialising in the … Continue reading Notes on After Virtue

Distributive Justice: Egalitarianism versus Libertarianism

This paper was written for my Intro to Philosophy course... For a PDF version, click here. John Rawls’ “veil of ignorance”-based egalitarian justice, as he describes it in “Justice and Fairness,” presents a very different view of what a fair society looks like compared to Robert Nozick’s account in “Distributive Justice” of the libertarian stance. … Continue reading Distributive Justice: Egalitarianism versus Libertarianism

Going Beyond the Evidence: James’ “Will to Believe”

This essay was written for my Intro to Philosophy course. For a PDF version, click here. In his essay “The Will to Believe,” William James argues that in special cases, a person is justified in believing a hypothesis which has positive implications for the believer but is not necessarily supported by sufficient evidence. James begins … Continue reading Going Beyond the Evidence: James’ “Will to Believe”