“Marvel’s Spider-Man”: A Technical Postmortem

Notes on a talk by Elan Ruskin of Insomniac Slides (PDF)Engine began life in FuseMuch more open world than they've used before (5 km across)154MB of source code (.h and .cpp)Frame breakdown33 ms/frameGPU renders 1.3333 frames behind the CPUPost-processing happens at the start of a frameMain thread3 ms streaming asset setup/teardown, initialize/destroy actor10ms update gameplay … Continue reading “Marvel’s Spider-Man”: A Technical Postmortem


Automated Testing Implementation Roundtable

Notes on a roundtable talk at GDC 2019 Again, see autotestingroundtable.comHow do you define a sufficient level of test coverage?Aim to cover 95% of the weight of the code based on what gets run/used the mostCover the hotspots/inner loopsAdd tests as a part of every refactoring, bug fixBest place to start is to figure out … Continue reading Automated Testing Implementation Roundtable

App Store Optimization (ASO) for Great Developers

Notes on a talk by Enric Pedro of Lab Cave and Joyce Zhou Joyce Zhou of IGG ("I Got Games"), developer of Lords Mobile ($50M/month)Enric Pedro (@enricpedro), Chief Marketing Officer of Lab Cave (ASO company)—hola@labcavegames.comASO is the process of getting more users by improving visibility within the app store and optimizing the app profile visit-to-install … Continue reading App Store Optimization (ASO) for Great Developers

Bridging the Open Source and Game Industries

Notes from a roundtable session at GDC 2019 Linux Foundation provides a safe third party ("neutral home") to hold all the rights to software so that competitors can collaborate and not worry about getting screwed Game industry has lots of semi-open licenses (e.g., VR headsets, Khronos, etc.) Academy Software Foundation: Wanted to standardize tools across … Continue reading Bridging the Open Source and Game Industries

Understanding & Tracing Numerical Errors in C++

Notes on a talk by Gino van den Bergen (@dtecta) Fixed point numbers snap to a regular grid; in floating point numbers, the rounding error increases the farther you get from zero IEEE 754 single-precision (32-bit) float is: 1 bit for sign 8 bits for the exponent 23 bits for the fraction (-1)^sign * 1.fraction … Continue reading Understanding & Tracing Numerical Errors in C++

Design by the Numbers: Using Data for Good

Notes on a talk by Evan Losi, lead game designer at Scopely Play tests only take you so far Capturing analytics Track everything—every time a player does anything Everything a person interacts with Which screens they open What activities people take Resources (what players earn and spend) Look at the aggregated data Key metrics/KPIs End … Continue reading Design by the Numbers: Using Data for Good

Tech Toolbox

Notes on a series of micro-talks Tools for voice tech—Nicole He (@nicolehe) Enhance.computer built using this Appropriating business voice tech for games Cutting edge tech here are in areas where mega corps can make money, like customer service chat bots DialogFlow from Google is an example of this; aimed at finding conversational intent without rigid … Continue reading Tech Toolbox