Ship Faster, Crash Less, and Retain Players

Notes on a talk by Dallas Dickinson of QC Games (Developers of Breach) and Abel Matthew, CEO of Backtrace, from GDC 2019

  • When you build new stuff, it crashes
  • Want to prioritize crashes
  • Tracking crashes both in their own stack and in Unreal
  • Process (unidirectional flow here)
    • Trunk development (70% of dev time spent here)
      • New system dev
      • Main dev branch—nightly tests
    • Support branch (gone through whole QA process; 25% of dev time)
      • Live bug fixing
      • Emergency fixes
    • Release (live game; 5% of dev time)
  • Uses something resembling CI/CD so that problems surface quickly
  • Crashes get labeled to tell you what branch & build you were running against
  • Crash analysis
    • Collection
    • Triage
    • Examine/Diagnose
    • Test/treat (may need to re-triage/diagnose afterward)
    • Cure
  • Phantom crash: fix committed and released, but find it’s still crashing
    • Dug into logs, could see the change list it was happening on, realize the fix hadn’t actually gone out
    • Could find this in an hour with Backtrace
  • Can create a Jira ticket directly from Backtrace; the systems sync!
  • Can tag the fix as going out in a certain version, then filter on crashes you expect to go out in a version 
  • Infrequent crash in QA
    • never crossed a must-fix threshold
    • When load suddenly rose, it started happening a ton
    • Could then look at past callstacks to fix it as they saw the priority bubble up
  • Make sure you’re running Backtrace on debug builds too
  • “Explore” view
    • See how many unique users are affected by the crash
    • Can dig in to the exact set of circumstances that produce the bug via filtering
    • Filter by process age, or view as a histogram
    • Make sure you’re logging assertion failures
    • Auto-upload symbols as you build or release

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