Help save the internet’s collective history.

The people behind The Internet Archive Project are truly doing God’s work. It’s a thankless job, but one that’s absolutely essential to making the internet work.

(Aside: Not familiar with the Internet Archive? Today’s your lucky day, friend, because I’m gonna blow your mind. Have you ever clicked a link, only to find that the page has disappeared? Or wanted to compare the current version of a page with an older one? That’s what the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is for—type in the URL of the page you’re looking for, and they’ll show you the page as it existed in the past. For instance, wanna see what looked like in 1999?)

So, here’s the thing—The Internet Archive is a hugely valuable, totally free resource to the world, and while you can donate to them, most people kind of just… won’t—even if they really believe in its mission. (I know I’m as guilty of this as anyone!)

But, what if I told you that you could contribute your bandwidth & CPU time to help them archive the web? If you’re tech-savvy enough to be able to run a virtual machine, you can grab their Warrior VM and run it perpetually in the background. Your machine will download sites that are disappearing from the web and upload them for archiving.

It’s super easy, and it takes under 5 minutes to set up. So seriously… what’s stopping you from helping save our collective history?

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